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The Ortolan Bunting breeds in Europe and Asia from Lake Baikal to Spain. In Asia, it occurs mainly between 48° and 55° North, whereas in Europe it extends beyond the Arctic Circle. In Germany its centre of distribution is in the northeast, although there are some small breeding areas in northern Bavaria, North Rhine-Westphalia and Lower Saxony. The distribution map is based on maps and informations in "The EBCC Atlas of European Breeding Birds", "Handbuch der Vögel Mitteleuropas" and "Die Vögel Baden-Württembergs" (references 1, 12. Some additional knowledge was considered from references 2-7. In Germany it stays from April to September, the wintering region lays in sub-Saharan Africa.
The Ortolan Bunting has many song dialects 8, 11. In a dialect region there is only little variation in song. Conrads 9 made up a dialect atlas by comparing different populations of Ortolan Bunting in Central Europe. In this area 12 dialect classes were found . The songs  have a total length of one to two seconds and consist of two to three (seldom four) different parts. The beginning (part A) is a row of two to six syllables. Each syllable shows more or less strong changes in frequency and duration of there sound elements. Three-part songs have a part M, which normally is of constant frequency. In combination with M the ending (E) is determinant in classifying the regional allocation. It is often a tremolo-like and soft sound. By way of explanation the purple-coloured terms are drawn in the sonagram of the typical song in northern Bavaria with a A-M-E structure.
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Northern Bavaria, Germany
typical song, "Süddeutscher"-dialect
1 Sonogram
Northern Bavaria, Germany
rarely heard variation, recorded from the same individual above
Brandenburg, Germany
2 Sonogram
Brandenburg, Germany
Different individuals recorded at the same place; both records by Stefan Wehr
Sachsen, Germany
Record by Eckehard Frauendorf
4 Sonogram
Mecklenburg, Germany
Record by Eckehard Frauendorf
5 Sonogram
Niedersachsen, Germany
Record by Jörg Grützmann;
6 Sonogram
Niedersachsen, Germany
Record by Jörg Grützmann

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